Computer Accounts for BES III Analysis


1.                 Everyone needs an IHEP interactive Linux account.


·        Email account requests to


Shuopin Wen (


Cc: Qiumei Ma (


·        The instructions sent with the new account information designate the interactive address at IHEP as  This redirects to systems running different versions of Scientific Linux, some of which are incompatible with current BES III off-line software.  As of June 15, 2008, lxslc01 through lxslc03 run Scientific Linux CERN (SLC) v. 3.05; lxslc06 and lxslc08 through lxslc11 run SLC v. 4.5; and lxslc05 and lxslc07 run SLC version 4.6.  (Append “” to all of these.)  SLC v. 4.5 and v. 4.6 are believed to be compatible with current BES III off-line software, so you can use any node from lxslc05 to lxslc11.


2.                 All U.S. BES III members are invited to request interactive accounts at Minnesota for BES III analysis.


·        Email account requests (“BES account request” in subj line) to


Computing staff (


Cc: Ron Poling (


·        The body of the request should include name, home institution, supervisor, and preferred email address (by default these accounts will not have email addresses).

·        These accounts will have a formal expiration of two years.  You will receive a notice 30 days in advance and will only have to email back for renewal.

·        The preferred interactive node for BES III analysis will be

·        Information about setting up your BES III analysis environment will be maintained by Nick Howell and is available at