Results from the Final 5-tower run of CDMS at the Soudan Mine in Northern Minnesota
Results from the Final Exposure of the CDMS II Experiment

Physicists added up all of the ordinary matter in the Milky Way
and discovered that there isn't enough to keep it together!
There must be something massive that we can't see...DARK MATTER!

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STOP and look around. Everything that you see: computer screen, window, cloud...all of these are made of baryonic (ordinary) matter. BUT, physicists studying the early universe have discovered that this ordinary matter only accounts for 10% of EVERYTHING! That means that 90% of all stuff that exists is made of something completely different! We call it dark matter & dark energy. But the question is: "what is it?"

Conducted from the Soudan Underground Mine in northern Minnesota, the search is for postulated dark matter particles called WIMPS -- weakly interacting massive particles. So far, the experiment has found no WIMPS, but neither has it found contamination from stray neutrons. This is good news because it establishes the degree of background rejection that has been achieved. Hopefully, the next run will reveal the elusive dark matter particle.

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