DPF '96

Information for Submitting Abstracts

Important Instructions

The deadline for abstract submission has now passed. If you have an abstract to submit, please contact the convener of your parallel session directly. You may also want to send a copy via email to us here. Please use the APS special LaTeX template.

Do not send abstracts to APS at this stage.

Directions for electronic submission

The pre-deadline directions are given here for reference purposes:


The first author listed on the abstract should be the person who will present the paper. A person may be listed as first author on more than one abstract. However, papers other than the first will be assigned a lower priority for oral presentation. First authors submitting multiple abstracts should indicate which abstract has their highest priority.

Please Submit Electronically

The Organizing Committee requests the submission of abstracts by electronic mail, although abstracts on paper will be accepted. Some reasons for submitting abstracts electronically are:

How to Submit Electronically

For information on how to submit abstracts by electronic mail, send an e-mail message to abs-info@aps.org and use the word info in the text of your message. Authors submitting abstracts will also need a special template for DPF96. To receive the required template, send an e-mail message to abs-request@aps.org and put the words request DPF96 in the text of your message. The information and/or template you have requested will be sent to you by electronic mail. If you have particular questions or require assistance, send a message with your question to abs-help@aps.org. The e-mail address for abstract submission is abs-submit@aps.org. Note - the deadline for electronic submission to APS has passed. Do not send abstracts to this address now.

You may also obtain the APS abstract submission information and the abstract submission template .

The optional LaTeX macro package will allow you to check your abstract by processing it through LaTeX. This step is NOT required. Download the macro package by selecting here.

Suggestions for Electronic Submission

Submitting Abstracts on Paper


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