DPF '96

International Advisory Committee

Organizing Committee

DPF96 is organized by physicists from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

University of Wisconsin: Vernon Barger, Francis Halzen, Lee Pondrom, Don Reeder (Co-Chair), Wesley Smith, Dieter Zeppenfeld.

University of Minnesota: Hans Courant, Priscilla Cushman, Stephen Gasiorowicz, Ken Heller (Co-Chair), Yutaka Hosotani, Yuichi Kubota, Marvin Marshak (Co-Chair), Larry McLerran, Keith Olive, Earl Peterson, Ron Poling, Serge Rudaz, Keith Ruddick, Roger Rusack, Mikhail Shifman, Hiroshi Suura, Arkady Vainshtein, Mikhail Voloshin, Tom Walsh.


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Sponsored by the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Energy.
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Last Updated: 22 June 1996