DPF '96

Plenary Session Talks

All plenary talks will be held in the Tate Laboratory's Van Vleck Auditorium (room 150).
N.B. - Some plenary talk transparencies are temporarily unavailable. Watch this space.

Sunday, August 11

Part I: Chair: Marvin Marshak (University of Minnesota)

8:45 Welcome
9:00 Neutrinos (Accelerators)
Sanjib Mishra, Harvard University
9:40 Non-perturbative Field Theory
Aida El Khadra, University of Illinois
10:20 Break

Part II: Chair: John Peoples (Fermilab)

10:50 What do we know about the Top Quark?
Brian Winer, Ohio State University
11:30 Precision Tests of the Standard Model
Paul Langacker, University of Pennsylvania
12:10 Lunch

Sunday Evening

Special Plenary Session on 100 Years of Particle Physics

Chair: Lee Pondrom (University of Wisconsin)

7:00 Experiment and Theory in Particle Physics: Reflections on the Discovery of the Tau Lepton
Martin Perl, SLAC
7:40 Dreams of Fermilab and the Reality
Robert Wilson, Cornell University
8:20 Conception and Birth of the DPF
Robert Sachs, University of Chicago

Monday, August 12

Part I: Chair: Vernon Barger (University of Wisconsin)

8:30 String Theory
Michael Dine, University of California
9:10 Particle Astrophysics
Steve Barwick, University of California - Irvine
9:50 Break

Part II: Chair: Marjorie Corcoran (Rice University)

10:20 Precision Tests of the Standard Model
Marcel Demarteau, Fermilab
11:00 Report from Snowmass
David Cassel, Cornell University
11:40 Lunch

Tuesday, August 13

Part I: Chair: Richard Arnowitt (Texas A+M University)

8:30 Beyond the Standard Model
Joanne Hewett, SLAC
9:10 Neutrinos (Non-Accelerator)
Henry Sobel, University of California - Irvine
9:50 Break

Part II: Chair: Ron Poling (University of Minnesota)

10:20 Weak Decays
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Harvard University
11:00 Heavy Flavor
Paris Sphicas, MIT
11:40 Lunch

Wednesday, August 14

Future Initiatives in Particle Physics

Part I: Chair: Jonathan Bagger (Johns Hopkins University)

8:30 B Factories
Steve Olsen, University of Hawaii
9:10 Prospects for Linear Colliders
Ron Ruth, SLAC
9:50 Break

Part II: Chair: Thomas Devlin (Rutgers University)

10:20 CMS at the LHC
Roger Rusack, University of Minnesota
11:00 ATLAS at the LHC
Howard Gordon, Brookhaven National Laboratory
11:40 NUMI Project at Fermilab
Gina Rameika, Fermilab
12:20 Lunch

Thursday, August 15

Part I: Chair: Kazuo Abe (KEK)

8:30 Tests of QCD at HERA
Jose Repond, Argonne National Laboratory
9:10 Tests of QCD (q**2 > 10,000)
Liz Buckley-Geer, Fermilab
9:50 Break

Part II: Chair: Don Reeder (University of Wisconsin)

10:20 Beyond the Standard Model (Experiment - LEP)
Michael Schmitt, CERN
11:00 Beyond the Standard Model (Experiment - Fermilab)
Wyatt Merritt, Fermilab
11:40 Elementary Particle Physics in Summary 1996 (Conference Summary)
Sally Dawson, Brookhaven National Laboratory
12:20 Lunch

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