DPF '96

Meeting Program

The 1996 Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields will follow the very successful pattern of previous meetings at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque (1994); at St. Charles, near Fermilab (1992) and at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (1990). DPF96 will begin a few weeks after the 1996 International Conference on High Energy Physics ("Rochester Conference") in Warsaw, Poland. For that reason, DPF96 will emphasize presentations by active American physicists of their own work in elementary particle experiment and theory, regardless of where that work was done.

The Organizing Committee especially wishes to involve people, such as younger physicists, who may not always have opportunities to personally present their work.

Topics will include all areas of elementary particle physics experiment, theory, instrumentation and particle accelerators, as well as related fields such as astroparticle physics, cosmic ray physics and cosmology.

The program will consist of a single track of plenary talks in the mornings, beginning Sunday, August 11, 1996, followed by multiple tracks of parallel sessions in the afternoons. All sessions will be arranged by convenors selected from both the Organizing Committee and the general particle physics community. Convenors for the parallel sessions will be requested to schedule as many contributed papers as possible for oral presentation. Poster sessions will permit display of papers which the Convenors are unable to schedule for oral presentation.

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