DPF '96

First Floor

[Floor plan of Tate Lab 1st floor - you need to switch image loading on to see this. Apologies to Lynx users]

Second Floor

[Floor plan of Tate Lab 2nd floor. No images? Might as well forget about this page...]

Key to session locations and other useful rooms

  1. Room 131
  2. Room 133
  3. Room 150 (all plenary sessions are here)
  4. Room 157
  5. Room 166
  6. Room 170
  7. Room 210
  8. Room 236a
  9. Room 140 (conference center)
  10. Room 131 (Macintosh lab)

These maps show only the first two floors of Tate Lab. The Theoretical Physics Institute is on the 4th floor, in the North wing of the building (to the left of these maps).

Informal Meetings

Please reserve rooms for these in the Conference Center (room 140).


Some vending machines are available in the basement level, at the front of the building (cold drinks, coffee). A wider selection (drinks, snacks, change machine) is located in the basement of Morrill Hall, next door to Tate Lab.


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