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March, 1991
The P822 collaboration, later to become NuMI/MINOS, proposes a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment from Fermilab to Soudan using the Soudan 2 detector as the neutrino beam target. Download the original proposal, in postscript format.
June, 1993
The P822 collaboration updated their proposal to include constructing another detector within the Soudan 2 cavern. Download the updated proposal, in postscript format. Here is the Spires entry.
February, 1995
The NuMI/MINOS collaboration is officially born with P-875, "A Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at Fermilab."
November, 1997
The Department of Energy allocates its first funds for the NUMI/MINOS project.
June, 1999
The groundbreaking ceremony for the MINOS hall is held. See Judy Jackson's article for more details on the event.

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