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The NOνA Experiment will construct a 15 kiloton liquid scintillator detector optimized for electron neutrino detection in the existing NuMI neutrino beam. The primary goal of the experiment is to search for evidence of muon to electron neutrino oscillations. This oscillation, if it occurs, holds the key to many of the unanswered questions in neutrino oscillation physics. In addition to providing a measurement of the last unknown mixing angle, &theta13, this oscillation channel opens the possibility of seeing matter/anti-matter asymmetries in neutrinos and determination of the ordering of the neutrino mass states.

Nova Detectors
The figure above illustrates the three NOνA detectors. The Far Detector will be constructed in northern Minnesota near Ash River. The Near Detector and IPND (Integrated Prototype Near Detector) will be constructed at Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia, IL. The inset figure shows that each detector has an identical alternating plane structure composed of vertical and horizontal cells.

As of the end of April, 2010, the excavation at the Far Detector Site at Ash River, MN was complete. A photo of the site dated April 18, 2010 is shown below:

(Photo by Dan Traska of Einarson Flying Service as noted in "Fermilab Today".)

As of the end of April, 2011, the building at the Far Detector Site at Ash River, MN had reached beneficial occupancy, as shown in the following photos of the building exterior and interior.