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Interests and Projects of the Minnesota CMS Group

The Minnesota group was very heavily involved in the photodetector development for both the electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters. Current detector activities include the online software for the HCAL and the low-voltage and data optical links for the ECAL.

The Minnesota group is working on a number of physics analysis projects in the areas of electroweak physics and supersymmetry/beyond-the-Standard-Model physics.

Resources for CMS at Minnesota

Members of the Minnesota CMS Group


Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Shih-Chuan Kao
  • Nicole Ruckstuhl
  • Shervin Nourbakhsh

Graduate Students

  • Alexander Gude
  • Tambe Norbert
  • Jared Turkewitz
  • Zach Lesko
  • Peter Hansen
  • Sean Kalafut

Theses on CMS-Related Work

Other research on photodetectors: