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CMS Computing at Minnesota

Getting Started

Getting started using CMSSW at Minnesota is very simple. You must source the appropriate setup script for your shell-flavor (bash or tcsh) from /local/cms/sw/setup.

For tcsh users,

       [1]user@cms001> source /local/cms/sw/cmsset_default.csh
For bash users,
       [1]user@cms001$ source /local/cms/sw/cmsset_default.sh

Once this is done, you should have access to scramv1 and be able to create project working areas in the usual way.

The software releases currently available on the cluster can be seen here.
If you need a new version installed, contact the Minnesota CMS software librarian -- currently Jason Haupt.

Data Sets

Minnesota is a Tier-3 CMS data center and capable of data transfer using the Phedex data transfer system. All Phedex datasets can be found on one of the two disks:
All Monte Carlo datasets (in phedex/store/mc)
All real-detector datasets from testbeams and global runs (in phedex/store/data)
The current set of data available at Minnesota is most easily reviewed using the Phedex website's query functionality. The Phedex website may also be used to request additional data transfers.
Jeremy M Mans
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